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Portable Water Jet Pump

Suitable for Aircond, Car Wash, window cleaning


2. Capacity: 32L (inclusive) 

3. Pipe length: 6m (inclusive)

 4. Car washing equipment type: household car washing machine

 5. Motor cooling method: air cooling

 6. Voltage  : 12V 

7. Power: 100W

 8. High-pressure pump transmission input power:> 10kW 

9. Motor type: induction motor

 10. Motor mute indicator: 60DB (including) -90DB (included) 

11. Movement material: pure copper 

12.  Net weight: 3.8kg 

13. Size: 420x320x360mm 

14. Flushing brush: Yes 

15. Automatic switch machine: Yes

 16.  Leakage protection: Yes

 17. Water source type: Other Self-priming Feature: 1. This product is widely used, not only a car wireless car washing machine, but also can be used as car mobile power, car home storage box, portable aquarium  oxygen pump 2. Built-in military lithium battery, can be used when full, no external power supply.  It can be charged by mobile phone charger or charging treasure, and also supports car power supply

* Brand: Epai 

* Voltage: DC 12 

* capacity: 25L 

* Tank size: 315 * 280 * 340mm 

* Built in pump & easy carry.  

* Hose pipe 10 meter spray gun 

* Power: 60w

 * Car charger cable

 * Brush 

* Suitable for car wash & aircond cleaning 

* can apply use at home plug with adaptor

 * Automatic switch machine

Ready Stock 36L Portable 12v Water Jet


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Brand: Epai 

Voltage: DC 12

capacity: 25L 

Tank size: 40 * 35 * 35cm

Built in pump & easy carry.  

Good quality of Hose pipe 10 meter spray gun 

Power: 60w 

Car charger cable 1Brush 

Suitable for car wash & aircond cleaning and apply use at home plug with adaptor MAutomatic switch machine large, high pressure dund back Included Car 12v cable, 240v home cable, 10  meter Hose, spray gun, brush, Car towel, fuse

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